AT&T High Speed Internet

More devices, more connections. Hook all the family’s enabled devices to AT&T High Speed Internet. Tablets and laptops. PCs and smartphones. Don’t drain your data!  Take that speed and reliability with you, with access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network, included. Get downstream speeds up to 75 Mbps**, good for all the browsing, listening, watching and playing you want to do online.

When you add AT&T High Speed Internet to your bundle, you can:

AT&T Phone from U-verse Voice

Give more value to your bundle. AT&T home phone comes with more than 25 convenient features. It’s a suite of tools that gives you control over your communications.  Get voicemail and Caller ID displayed on your U-verse TV screen, so you can decide whether to pause the action to take the call. That call will come in with incredible clarity! Your AT&T phone service travels on the same advanced AT&T network.

When you add U-verse Voice to your bundle, you can: