A Different Kind of Olympic Record: How We Watch the Games

Summer Olympics 2016 logoThe Summer Olympics are back and Rio has set the stage for over 200 countries. As with previous Olympic events, the world will be watching, but how audiences watch the games could be different than years past.

The Olympics date back centuries, but there’s nothing antiquated about how we watch them. TV providers and networks are tapping into the latest technologies to make viewing this year’s summer games unlike ever before. From live streaming to virtual reality, the latest installment of the Olympics will be something to (easily) watch.

More live streaming than ever before

The 2016 Summer Olympics will feature upwards of 4,500 hours of live streaming coverage, so more audiences will be able to watch live events and coverage from virtually anywhere. That’s good news for the networks, the games and of course, the spectators.

If you plan to take advantage of the content available via live streaming, check out the live stream schedule. It’s a convenient way to watch the games wherever you are, but it’s not the only innovative way to watch.

Live the Olympics through virtual reality

Virtual Reality HeadsetFor the first time ever, fans can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the Olympics. NBC is presenting around 85 hours of virtual reality content. The coverage will be a diverse mix, ranging from opening and closing ceremonies to popular events like basketball, gymnastics and track and field.

The virtual reality content will be available exclusively for Samsung devices. If you don’t have one, be patient, virtual reality is proving to be an emerging technology that will only get bigger and better. And speaking of better technologies, much of the Olympic coverage will be available in the newest wave of TV tech: 4K.

Watch the Olympics in 4K

Also for the first time ever, some Olympic events will broadcast in 4K, also known as “Ultra-HD”. Select TV providers are offering 4K coverage, giving viewers an opportunity to see the venues, the competitors, the vivid colors of flags and banners, everything, in superior quality.

The 2016 Summer Olympics get under way August 5 with closing ceremonies scheduled for August 21. Millions will tune in all over the world, and many viewers will experience the games like never before. How will you watch?