How to set up your AT&T TV device

What makes AT&T TV so great is its simplicity. All you need is the device and voice remote to set up AT&T TV and watch your favorite hit series and blockbuster movies. Let’s go over what equipment you have, the resources you need and how to set up AT&T TV.

What you have 

Your AT&T TV plan includes the device and a voice remote powered by Google Assistant1. Use the voice remote to ask questions and get answers, search for shows and movies and control your smart home devices2.

AT&T TV is preloaded with some of your favorite apps like HBO Max™, Pandora and Netflix3 and you can access over 5,000 more sports, movies, music and gaming apps in the Google Play™ store4.

1 Google login required. Google is a trademark of Google LLC.
2 Req’s compatible smart home device, app, & service.
3 Req’s separate subscription/login for HBO Max, Pandora, and Netflix.
4 Google and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

What you need 

Here’s what you need to have on hand when installing AT&T TV. Make sure you have your Wi-Fi username and password ready to connect the device to your home network.

If you have a Google account, find your login information and use it to access apps in the Google Play™ store. Lastly, create an AT&T TV user ID and password and store it somewhere so you don’t forget it. 

How to set it up

It’s easy to set up your AT&T TV device and voice remote. Plug in and watch with easy self-setup, meaning no satellite dish, cable box, or appointments necessary to install. Follow these easy steps to set up AT&T TV.

  1. Get your equipment: Receive your device and voice remote via free express shipping straight to your door. 
  2. Connect the cords: Make sure all cords are plugged in. 
  3. Change the input: Change the TV input to the correct source. 
  4. Sync the remote: Hold down the rewind & fast-forward buttons to sync the remote and explore.
  5. Follow these screens:
    • Wireless connection setup: If you choose to connect wirelessly, sign in to your Wi-Fi network with the remote. Your device checks for updates and may reboot once you connect. 
    • AT&T TV sign in: Type your user ID and password and select sign in.
    • Terms and conditions: Review and accept the terms and conditions associated with AT&T TV.
    • Set your in-home network: Select the room you’ll use for your AT&T TV device.
      Google sign in: If you’re a Google user, enter your Google ID and password to connect. 

Courtesy of AT&T Customer Care

Still have questions? Check out this step by step AT&T Youtube video on how to set up your AT&T TV device and voice remote.