How have cell phones changed over time?

  We use our cell phones every day. Their features and mobility have made them an essential part of everyday life—from being our alarm in the morning, to our GPS, music player and even camera. The power of the cell phone has even caused previous, important technology to become nonexistent in our daily lives—being replaced by an app in a …

NBC’s Manifest Preview

    Manifest premiere: What you need to know   Premiering September 24 on NBC   Have you ever gotten off a plane and felt like years had passed? The characters of Manifest can totally relate. Produced by Robert Zemeckis and coming to NBC this fall, Manifest follows the lives of several passengers whose seemingly normal flight has somehow time-warped …

How 5G will make your life so much faster

5G is the fifth generation of mobile technology, or how a mobile phone communicates with a network. Currently, most phones operate on 4G, or fourth generation networks. Each generation of technology is usually recognized by its increased data transmission speeds, but their upgrades also include breaks in encoding methods. These differences make new generations incompatible with those before them.  

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is the latest trend in Internet technology. Many people are looking to upgrade their internet to fiber optic internet. But what exactly is fiber Internet? Join us as we help break down this popular Internet technology and what it can do for you.

Celebrating Women’s Achievements in TV, Film and Sports

  Since the late 1800’s, influential women and inspiring leaders have made entertainment and sports industry breakthroughs, paving the way for new generations of women. We welcome you to join us and discover women’s extraordinary accomplishments in television, film, and sports.   Click here to see a timeline of some major achievements over the last 100 plus years.

How can technology help out seniors?

    Usage of smart, internet-connected devices is becoming the norm amongst people of all ages—even seniors.1 For the elderly, advanced technology and high-tech devices make daily tasks easier and can enhance the quality of life. With technology, seniors have the tools and assistance to be more independent. Click Here to figure out how today’s technology can help out senior …

Rise Season 1 Episode 4

    If we were to take Rise as a whole based on the first three episodes of the show, we’d be left with something that isn’t quite Glee and isn’t quite Friday Night Lights, the two most bold comparisons that the show had received leading up to its network debut. Thankfully, we don’t have to stop at just three episodes and this week’s episode …

Cell Phone Battery Quiz

Smartphones have taken over our lives. Did you know that the average smartphone user spends more than 4 hours a day on their phone? With so much time being spent, it’s no wonder that we fall into a state of pure panic anytime our battery falls below 20%. Once we hit that dreaded “red zone”, we’ll do just about anything …

How to Set Up a Home Network

  Let’s face it: The internet has become the new fabric of our society, keeping us informed and entertained. The days of plugging your desktop computer directly into a modem provided by an internet service provider (ISP) and waiting for to load are so 2000. Whether you want to stream movies or build a small home business with a …

Sammy’s Guide to Internet Safety

      It’s fun to share information about yourself with the world! However, certain kinds of information should be kept personal. Here, we’ll go over what information is ok to share online, and what is not. Click here to go to: Sammy’s Guide to Internet Safety