AT&T Phone: Connect Better

Security, reliability and peace of mind. That’s what you want from your home phone service. And that’s what you get with AT&T Phone. U-verse Voice is now AT&T Phone… a clear, convenient digital phone service. And it’s the next step in home communications.

A quality connection

AT&T Phone runs on AT&T’s digital network, using VoIP technology to transform voice into data.  AT&T Phone delivers clear signals, great sound, and a connection you can count on.

Forget dropped calls, static and fuzzy signals.  With AT&T Phone, you can connect better.  And you can connect more securely. AT&T Phone is compatible with many home alarm systems and monitored medical devices.

Create a plan that’s perfect for you

When you connect with AT&T Phone, you get a home phone service that meets your needs. Choose the calling plan and added features that are perfect for you, at a price that fits your budget.

Get local, national and international calling options. Keep your old phone number, or get a new one. Add on a second line. Choose an unlimited plan. With AT&T Phone, it’s your choice.  AT&T is the home phone service that works for you.

Stay in touch when it matters most

Whether you’re sharing good news or staying in touch in an emergency, AT&T Phone keeps you connected.

Your friends and family are never too far away with AT&T Phone.  AT&T’s Digital Home Phone gives you a strong, reliable connection each time you pick up the phone. Its razor-sharp sound quality makes for a great calling experience you just can’t beat.

Some packages offer unlimited minutes—talk as much as you want with AT&T Phone. Call loved ones across the U.S. and all over the world when you switch to AT&T Phone.  AT&T lets you enjoy a home phone service that’s convenient and reliable when you need it most.