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AT&T has the largest fiber network to give customers a faster Internet connection and seamlessly connect 10+ devices all at once.* Check out some of the features of fiber-optic Internet:

  • Ultra fast Internet starting with a 1000Mbps connection for less buffering and way more binging.1
  • Download 25 songs in 1 second*
  • Download a 90-minute movie in HD in less than 34 seconds*

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better-bundleWhat is AT&T Fiber?

Fiber-optic Internet is a web connection that transfers data using fiber-optic cables. AT&T has the largest Fiber network.* Using the latest Wi-Fi technology, enjoy AT&T’s best in-home experience. Without the interference of traditional cable wires, fiber Internet provides several benefits:

    • Ultra-fast speeds. Fiber Internet can carry more bandwidth over longer distances with expanded coverage to seamlessly connect multiple devices.
    • Reliable connection. You can enjoy the fasted upload and download speeds. With fiber Internet, your signal stays intact for stronger and more reliable service.
    • Bandwidth to support multiple devices. The quality of fiber-optic Internet can’t be beat with faster Wi-Fi speeds. Stay connected to all the things you love streaming, surfing and downloading worry-free.



AT&T FiberSM availability

AT&T GigaPower is now AT&T Fiber. AT&T has the largest fiber network that’s available in locations across the U.S. Instantly connect to high-speed Internet to stream movies, download music and get the ultimate online gaming experience. You’ll get the speed you need to power all of your devices. Call today to see if AT&T Fiber is available in your area.

Explore  AT&T FiberSM options

 AT&T plans include several different Internet speeds for you to choose from.

Internet plan Speed features Price
100Mbps* Stream a 30-min show in under 30 seconds. Download a HD movie in under 6 minutes. Download 25 songs in under 9 seconds. $50

1000Mbps* Stream a 30-min show in under 4 secondsDownload a HD movie in under 34 seconds. Download 25 songs in 1 second. $70


Bundle AT&T services for more convenience

AT&T is your one-stop-shop for Internet, TV and home phone. Experience more ease and convenience when you get an AT&T bundle with fiber Internet or when you combine your favorite AT&T services.

Create a bundle that works for you:

 Double Play

Choose two AT&T services for a Double Play bundle. Get Internet and AT&T U-verse TV to stream entertainment when you’re away from home, or bundle TV and home phone for interactive calling features that you can access from your TV screen.2 Enjoy virtually limitless features and more convenience when you choose to bundle your AT&T services.

Popular Double Play bundles:

  • DIRECTV + AT&T Internet – You’ll have access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network3 to stream your DIRECTV entertainment on your connected devices.4
  • U-verse TV + AT&T Phone – Unlock interactive calling features that you can control from you TV so you won’t have to interrupt your entertainment.

Triple Play

Combine three unbeatable services for your own Triple Play bundle. AT&T makes it easy to manage your services from one location when you log in to your AT&T account at Conveniently pay monthly bills with the click of a button and change settings on your services when you upgrade to a Triple Play.


Popular Triple Play bundles:

  • DIRECTV + AT&T Internet + AT&T Phone – Connect your entire home network at one low price from one provider.
  • DIRECTV + AT&T Internet + AT&T Wireless – Stay connected to your entertainment and your loved ones from virtually anywhere you are.


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Experience the future of Internet when you switch to AT&T Fiber. With blazing-fast speeds and advanced technology, you’ll get an instant connection on a network you can trust. Call today to speak with an AT&T Internet Expert about how you can upgrade your Internet speeds today!

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